Otus the Bee!

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Heya, this is my first real attempt at a flash game, i created it for my college assignment so any feedback would be great as it will go towards my testing.

Its a simple collect and avoid game with two levels, if you guys think its worth it i'm planning to add more. I know i should have added a preloader but i had some code issues.

Cheers if you leave feedback.


fuck yeah!


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good, but

ok simple concept of collecting pollen at start, but on the 2nd where you have to make it to the hive the drawings didnt match the actual path you had to go sometimes which irritated me. good idea just needs a bit more attention.

Hm ok

Pollen stays at the top grouped to close to the other things thats take your score down, the movement of the bee is wasy to glitchy but i know what little time you had, and so im nice il give it a 5 and WOOT!! it


I like the concept..the muci is good...but theres a few things i noticed..
the pollen and pesticide mostly sticks to the top...it wud be harder if it spawned randomly aroung the screen..also the 2nd level is pretty difficult...especially right near the end..erm...also i got less than 35 when i reached the end and the game just seemed to crash ...
overall tho a good game

since is ur first is alright .

hey you cant relly read the istructions and i personally didnt like it ... u should make it more interesting. thats all.. like they have said before sound effects and the bee looks pretty retarted...

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2.73 / 5.00

May 15, 2008
4:08 PM EDT
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