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Cant Handle the Knowledge

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- NathanViney.com-
Daily Crumb Films presents
Tomothy and Pals: You Can't Handle the Knowledge (PS: Dont be fooled by the preloader)

Jerome the dog, lives with his family and the people of Penny Lane. A small street settled in the middle of the desert.
No one takes notice of the fact Jerome is actually the smartest dog in the world, he can read, write, talk, sing, do maths... well maybe not do maths.
Outside of town a suspicious character is sent forward to capture the dogs brain.
Starring: Courtney Leacock
Arthur Larsen
Alex Crowley
Lee Sands
Nathan Viney
Mike Swain
review and rate with thought.. or ill put you in my '2spam' booklet. You dont wanna be in that now do you?
thanks Mr P for helping me export to quality video for dvd (just a thanks) Along with Musician Antiseal who did the soundtrack! So enjoy his musical goodness!

(Thanks Tom Fuf for letting me put it on)

- NathanViney.com-

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The movie was kind of akward at first, but then later on pretty good. The animation looked really detailed and creative. Not to mention adding voice acting in the movie too. Overall, it's entertaining to watch.

Fine animation, but hard to understand

Sorry for the somewhat low score, Nathan, but I just plain didn't get this one. Or rather, I got the basic gist of the story (since it was explained in the "evil villain speech" near the end of the film), but I didn't get the internal logic of the film. There were many characters and situations in there that simply felt tacked on and served no purpose that I could see except to make the film last longer (they weren't developed and seemed to serve no purpose for the main story). Most of the characters didn't get a proper introduction, also... maybe this was done in the previous films in the series (this is the first one of yours that I've watched), but a short introduction of the main characters would've been nice to avoid confusing new viewers.

Overall, that's my main problem with the film; it's too meandering and seems to be full of inside jokes/situations that nobody else would understand.

The actual art and animation of the film was fine; nothing spectacular, but I could tell that you spent some effort on it because it was consistent and watchable throughout. The lip-synching seemed nice. The songs were hit-and-miss... the one at the very end was good, but I didn't particularly like the musical number (then again, I generally don't like those in Family Guy either).

The humour didn't really work for me, maybe because I didn't understand what was going on most of the time. Although I did like some of the quick, random jokes that you had there; my favourite was the teddy bear suddenly coming to life and telling the dog that he couldn't sing.

munchmed responds:

thanks esn, its difficult to respond because your comment was hard to understand..
haha kidding :D
i know what you're saying, some bits were dragged out where in the same place could have been meaningful things for character development.
Thats probably down to my bad writing. But also that the deadline was zooming forward and i was getting rather worried about that as well. (forcollege)
Next time i do a big project like this i want to maybe get someone to look into the script and pick out and add bits that are required.
you're right, i really need to stop with the inside jokes haha
thanks esn :)

- Crumb


that was completly well animated so i give it 7/10

Song names!

Please! The songs' names!!

Awesome animation! o/

munchmed responds:

let me know which songs :D


I love this animation... keep up the great work! Long live Jerome

munchmed responds: