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Lockdown Tower Defense

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Mouse + Keyboard commands: <A> hold to airlift selected unit, release to drop. <S> sell selected unit.
Not your average defense game....enjoy!

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This game wasn't bad. It seemed too easy at first. Don't worry, it got much harder. I think the graphics could have been better, though. I did appreciate the sounds. It was even kind of funny how they moved around.

I liked how they got more blood on them as it went on. Yeah, I'm sick like that. I couldn't get any of the better guys. It seems like a decent effort. This is one of your more popular submissions, even though that's not saying much.

Bit Glitchy

The game was great, from what I was able to play.
The graphics were average to good over all. The bloodiness and bodies dropping was a nice touch.
Otherwise... the game was very glitchy. It was kind of difficult to figure out how to place the units down. I ran into a glitch where I couldn't put any units down, and with clicking the screen it took me back to the title screen or it turned the screen mostly white. Those problems made me stop playing the game very quickly. I would love to play this again once those are fixed though.

I see what your trying to do...

I'd like to see a remake of this game, however the amount of money you make from each spree isn't sufficient to keep a player's interest, and the difficulty curve stars off ok but after 3 levels, due to lack of money the game is imposable to do with nothing but 2 units.
The game needs to be reworked a lot, but I like the idea behind it not just being a CLICK&SHOOT AT ZOMBIES kind of defense game the Art style its very RetroPS1 Grand Theft Auto, which I find very nostalgic.
I trust that if you ever do try to remake this, that you may have a tad of a follow on these, which is why I'm giving you 7/10 for an Original Defense game IDEA.


i hate this game horrible graphics, horrible everything. please improve the graphics cause i hate games that dont have good graphics.

even with command instuctions

Even with the instruction help at the beginning, I cannot figure this out, and I cannot plant a tower. Plus, everything I do keeps sending me back to the main screen. I do not like it. Bloons Tower Defense is WAY better. Try making it a little more like that with the commands and it would be much better.

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3.33 / 5.00

May 14, 2008
12:51 AM EDT