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SomeGirlEatingSoap Remake

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This is a remake of a blammed submission by a long forgotten artist who was (un)known as Hello2k4. His version consisted of a stick figure and a tweened bar of soap represented by a square.
A little bit ago I have read the thread regarding a promise to remake it, so I did.

Original Link:

Original author is:

Yes, it's a terrible remake of a terrible "animation" from 2004 that was blammed due to being little more than a stick girl eating a square that was tweened to her mouth.

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Wow. I don't know if I'm supposed to love it or hate it.

If it was just any old post, I'd hate it, but it's a remake and intentionally "bleah" so...


Not even a 'Game over' to go with the sound at the end?

Eric-McTrainshit responds:

It wasn't laziness, It was just a quick video I made to try to get a few extra credits at school.
Also It's way better than the original.

Plus you should probably watch the VHS (YES, I made it for tape) to get the complete experience.

EDIT: Besides, it's not like it's a game or anything.