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Flash for my mom

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Made in two hours, nothing special, just something I made my mom for mother's day

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it was a really nice thing
for you to do for your mom,
but i think this is a flash you'd
send in an email to your mom,
or something like that.
not something to post on newgrounds
where millions of people can watch a movie
that's about a person they dont know.

nice thing of you to do? Yes
extraneous? Yes

Really Personal

Jeeze dude, I don't know if I would put this thing on a site with millions of people watching it. It's way to personal to show the entire world. But whatever. Glad you have a good relationship with your mom.

How nice of you! Ur mom must luv u... but come on!

Yeah i`ll give u a five and a ten, but come on ur, mom must be real proud of u, the only thing is why newgrounds...? is ur mom a fan or what...(that would be so awesome... :D) Its awesome and u gave me an idea!
U wanted to probe newgrounds u luv ur mom?... good idea!

Ur so proud of luvin her! dude u have balls!

Awesome flash! bye


i give you five because i like the text animation. why did you put this on new grounds? you couldve e-mailed it. kind of a weird thing to have thousands of strangers looking at. freak. lol

Yeah I agree with Zacied

this is for yo mom. keep it that way. Nobody else wants to see it. but it was nice.