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Run Soldier, Run!

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Author Comments

* Thanks for the front page and Daily 2nd :) *
Just a lil' game we decided to make. Enjoy! :)

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it has no eggs

Hell Yeah! Funny and enjoyable



Great fun time and time again

Capt. : C'mon boys we got a mission get movin'
Johnny: Roger
Frank: SIR, YES SIR!!
Johnny: *pssst* show off >.>
Frank: Up yours
Capt. : Sounds like you ladies ain't runnin' enough, pick up the pace!!
Johnny: I see Ted
Ted: Hey Capt. , hey guys. It's a real battlefield out there several man ahead.
(awkward silence)
Johnny: Capt. what are we supposed to be doing anyway?
Capt. Less talking and more running we have to dodge enemy fire and infilitrate the main base, plant a large amount of C4 and waste the place.
Frank: Um, I don't have any C4 sir.
Ted: Maybe the men do ahead.
Johnny: I see Bob!!
Ted: Hey, Bob. How is it going?
Bob: Oh you know running around with the risk of fragmentation grenades in the morning, so mm...pretty good, beats the group shower outside the mess hall...
Frank: Capt. , incoming watch out above you!!!
Capt. : OH SHIT~~~~
(Frank pushes out of the way)
Johnny: NOOO....FRANK YOU OWED ME $50!!!!
Bob: More men incoming!!
Capt. Get over here soldier!!! (boom gets killed mid-run)
Ted: How many more must die!!! (dies)
Johnny: T-T-This is h-horrible.....
(Johnny dies...running out of stuff to write)
Capt. : Damn it what is the ETA?!
Bob: Never....
SARGE: Guys quit goofing off in the simulator and get your asses back to work
Guys: yeeees....siiiiir.....
Everyone: Damn it >.>

Great game....Only down side is when you got a new soldier coming in he gets bombed before he can make it to you later on in the game and when you have a soldier coming it is a pain in the ass to control the others sometimes resulting in multiple deaths

Fun yes

It's day 42. there has been so many rockets any bouncy balls. i don't know how long i can survive this. when will this war ever end?!?!?

Credits & Info

3.93 / 5.00

May 10, 2008
7:04 PM EDT