Ball Maze I

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The ball control code is a modified version of the one shown in one of the tutorials here on newgrounds. I am very grateful for it's authors help in creating this flash. Unfortunately I can't remember who posted the tutorial. If Any one knows who posted that tutorial please contact me so I can properly honour them.

Have fun with playing my first game.

BALL MAZE 2 POSTPONED - this is because I can't get the boundaries of the balls and walls working properly. I am also going to try my hand at making a movie instead

NOTE: you don't lose if you get into negatives, the lives counter is for SCORE PURPOSES ONLY.

UPDATE: Levels 3 and 4 have been removed due to unforeseen errors, if any more errors occur please right click and select "Forward" this should take you to the next level (you won't get the extra life though)
UPDATE2: Ending Fixed, physics was screwed

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this is weird because it is annoying when you accelerate.
level 2, how are you meant to go diagonally through a small space that is hardly bigger than you?
i also found nothing new or interesting in this setup. but it is good for a first timer.

DJMoran responds:

To get around the annoying acceleration tap the key.

To get through the gap go across, down, across (i.e. zigzag)


It's good but you got carried away with the radical color feature on flash. It was hard and that was the cool thing about it. I'm making a game that has this kind of thing in it, any tutorials to reccomend???

DJMoran responds:

mainly those on the newrounds site.
Other than that google is very useful.

Its a good concept

I know it must be tough to make a good game like this, just a few errors, when u have 1 life, and u die, u go 0, if u die again u go negative 1,... there is a lil error...

Make graphs sexier...:D by this i mean get different textures or stuff for levels, not just colors :D

And finally, make the game easier please!
Its way too hard! jejejejeje

Well, i luvt this, if u get a better version (please!) ill make sure ur score goes high :D and i ll add it to my favs :D

DJMoran responds:

Thanks for the review, I'll try and add some textures to the next one.

Oh, and the game is supposed to be hard.


Haha nahh I'm just kidding, it's a fun game. Kinda tough too, I'll agree that the hit detection is kind of off a bit, and it's weird how you can go into negative lives and still play the game (I got to -132 before I quit), but it's a really fun game, good job.

DJMoran responds:

As you said, you got down to negative lives, I programmed that in because some friends I go to school with love to get the lowest score the possibly can.

Before I forget, Thanks for the review.

First game? It's decent.

The collision detection is a bit..weird, sometimes it will act as if I hit a corner when I actually don't, but otherwise, it seems a little flimsy, but nicely done.

DJMoran responds:

The problem is that all the objects are being treated as squares by flash. I'm working on Version2 which should correct this problem

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3.41 / 5.00

May 10, 2008
3:57 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid