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Empty Room

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I made this 5 years ago, so I'm just showing some of my amateur work. This was the first animation I ever finished.

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pretty imagineitive

just make it again prettyierish.

i couldn't help but notice...

... that the sound effects were from morrowind :D

I really liked it, it kinda made no sense. good animation for one of your amateur flashes.

...ing away from me

From the things we think is bad into another things, had you ever dreamed about falling buddy?
or tripped at least, the way down doesnt feel good, and sometimes it feels like being consumed.
I like your animation the cant mean so many things. Great!
and you say its your first? well, i saw the others i liked them too.
Good work.


Most people vote 10 or 1, but I vote in-between mostly. I reserve tens, ones, and zeros for extremes. So don't take offense to this 7, it's actually a pretty good score based on what I normally vote.

This was excellent for a first work. The voice was slightly choppy and the backgrounds were poor, but I think the all white background may have been the best choice for the atmosphere of the movie. Everything was decent, except that I knew what was going to happen in the end when he was on the bed with his cat.

Great story man!

I am officially a fan of your work.

You like keeping it short and suspenseful huh?