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Due to popularity, I decided to make another one. It includes the same features as version 1 but with all the bugs fixed and tons more stuff. It now features:
shopping list
google and yahoo maps
links to other tutorials
all my games, animations, and audio
flash tips
ActionScript tutorial
an HTML code to embed it in your website or blog

Please write reviews-I will respond to all!

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...will you make a V.3 soon?

andy70707 responds:

I would do but the .fla was on my memory stick which I lost, but I will make lots more gadgets related to newgrounds such as my NG exp calculator and a virtual ipod touch.

%u0130t may not be funny or that useful....

But you got some effort here. its hard to do these things.and this one has some quality in it. thanks for all your effort! keep it up!

A Nice Concept

This was a very nice concept you have brought upon Newgrounds. However I do not believe it to be a full on useful gadget, it was interesting yes, but you could've done better. First off your menu was a bit sloppy also when you return to the menu from one feature the title music plays... plus your original music doesn't loop and besides something like this does not require music in the first place. That was my opinions on the Tools... all useful, but you do not need this gadget to do these things.

Now then your tutorial stuff was nicely done, but as for making a link to show off your other flash projects was just pointless, if people want to see more of your work they will check out your work. This is a great concept, but only if it is done right.

|| Good Points ||
*Great Concept (In Place of Story Point)
*Okay Artwork

|| Bad Points ||
*Not Really Useful
*Bad Sound

andy70707 responds:

Thanks for the review, I did sort of rush the last bits. I didn't remember it bieng this bad though, ah, well, I always look back at some of my old games and think WHY ON EARTH DID I THINK THIS OWULD GET A GOOD SCORE! Altough this is one of my better games.

This is some bad ass scripting!

Seriously man! The things that had to impress me the most were the ability to print stuff and the google maps... Seriously man great job. You should make a downloadable version of.

andy70707 responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it! Infact, I decided to turn it into an aplication, just for you!



Well of course i had to check out.
It's pretty nice, well... the functions and information were.
But please improve the graphics, they kinda creaped me out.
And with the drawing thing, the eraser just painted black:). Also i had trouble changing back to the normal cursor.

It sure is handy, don't get me wrong, but i love my google toolbar so i'm using my google toolbar.
And please find a better way to remove the white pixels around the pictures.
I recommend PS...

Anyway, a nufty tool that doesn't look good:)

I probably misspelled something...?

andy70707 responds:

Well, glad you liked it :) I guess people aren't so keen on the graphics. I dunno how to make a propper eraser so that will have to do for now.

I don't have photoshop but I have fireworks- I made about 90% of the graphics in fireworks and the rest I did try and remove the white backgrounds but as they are bitmaps not nectors you ALWAYS get a few pixels around the edge. The only way I can think of to remove them is to go over it manually, which would take a very long time. I am working on a newgrounds gadget- there WILL NOT be a version 3 as theres not much more to add/change and I also managed to make the .fla read-only :(

Thanks for the review and I AM still working on Mage-RPG. I have been rather busy with homework and stuff recently I havent had time to do much more. Anyway, I better go now before I end up writing my life story and my laptop overheats.

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3.60 / 5.00

May 10, 2008
1:53 PM EDT
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