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2 - The Story of Khale

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Episode 2/42:

THX review crew!
edit: For everyone who has asked, this is part 2 of 42 episodes, so yes, there will be more =D. This episode was made mostly to give a good feel of the main characters and the world he lives in, plus it sets up for episode 3.

After more than 6 months of work it's finally done! I hope all have as much fun watching this as I had making it!

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Animation holds up well. Better than some youtubers rn.

I cant do it better :)

shame this wasn't continued... wonder what happened.

At first, I thought this was going to be like Brackenwood. You know, with the lack of dialogue. There actually was some dialogue in this, so it wasn’t quite like it. Well, there was still little dialogue. I love the animation. It’s still great in its own right.

I had no idea they’d talk about school. It just seemed weird for the setting. It still ended up being amazing. A pity the other 40 episodes weren’t submitted here. Well, they probably weren’t made at all.

I did some research and found his facebook page through the links in the descition. Here is a link to his patreon page for anyone who didn't know it was a thing and want to donate! Feel free to check his description as well to find the link to facebook and then patreon if you don't trust me.