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Shout out to @travsaus for megaphone tankman!

Irod Bad!

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:ALERT: This video contains SPOILERS of "IRON MAN", a RECENTLY RELEASED film.

UPDATE: Hey! I'm an asshole. I didn't use this space to THANK ALL OF YOU PEOPLE!! I've never gotten a front page and I'm really glad you liked it. I'm definitely gonna make more stuff in the future, hopefully funnier and less crummy looking. I put this together in only 2 days because I didn't think it deserved to be polished all pretty-like.

This is a strange spur of the moment thing that I recorded on a whim in only one take. The idea was clear in my mind after watching Iron Man. Enjoyyy

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I watched this video when I was like 8 and I stopped when my mom told me to click on another video.

Way better than the real movie. Fuck you Marvel.

this is funny shit

I always laugh my ass off whenever I watch this back then. It is still hilarious after all of these years.

Dang, your voice is hilarious! Everything was just flowing so wonderfully here. I loved the goofy animation. Yep, that's one of my favorite superhero movies. It's just paced so wonderfully. Both the movie and uh, this movie.

The title reminded me of "Napster Bad!". The voice just makes this. Ironer Man? That's funny in a really cheesy way. It's just a great tribute to a great movie.