Tenacious D - Friendship

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Author Comments

took me an age,
Hope you enjoy it.

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love it

that was good but could be better

paddy-ryan responds:

It could only be better by 1 so not that bad.

Thanks for the review

Pretty good.

You can tell that you have some good skills, but improvment is needed... and you can tell it will develop. The lipsync was fairly good.

paddy-ryan responds:

Ich weiß, dass ich viel, auf zu verbessern, Dank für den Bericht habe

Lose the bear

it was Great

with practice your art will be better.

loved when the bear was kickd out at the end.
why was jack black playing a banjo?

paddy-ryan responds:

The banjo thing just...felt right, maybe the image of a bear an banjo are to closely linked in my head.

A bit iffy, mc... Mcjiffy?

Okay so you can draw pretty well, but you seem to lack the patience needed to animate. Nonetheless its pretty good looking, just too dull. The mouths were just moving not synced, and most animations were 2 frames rather than the 20+ they should have been to look good. You should try tweening, even though most artists look down upon it, it can really help raise the quality of a flash.
The flash needs a far improved menu to stand out, and it deserves an icon to show that its not just a movie in need of blamming.

paddy-ryan responds:

Thanks for the detailed review,

-Lack of patience, Its a valid point and on Im slowly improving upon.

-lip-syncing, I tryed for the first time and will use it more in the future

-The frames of animation is a bit of an odd point, I wanted to focus on some timings witch meant using a less animated style.

-Im still learning to tween and at this point not happy to base a whole flash on it.

-Iv never been one for menus, as long as people can watch the flash I thick it's fine.

-Icon, I don't have Photoshop so making icons seems to be impossible
(If you know a way of making Icons without Photoshop please pm me)

not bad

pretty good but the animations good be a little better and the mouth movements didnt match the words but still not to bad.

paddy-ryan responds:

I only lip synced "n' buddy also that chair"
It was my first attempt an it was easier then I though it would be;
I'll defiantly use it more in my up coming flash's

Credits & Info

3.50 / 5.00

May 8, 2008
7:29 PM EDT
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