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ok you guys are wondering so i will give you 1 more clue to number 3 i can be found in a lab. hey guys this is a challegnging puzzle you will be asked to answer hard riddles i hope you enjoy this game. o yeah you get 1000 super cool bonus points if you vote 5 10000 time (ps.dont vote to hard it is my first time.)

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in the first one i type cow and pressed submit and nothing happened. any help?

water is a compound

carbon is actually the ELEMENT that gives life. there have been large quantities of it detected in the large magellenic cloud.........................anyway water is not an element its a compound which is made up of oxegen and hydrogen which are elements that combined into water which is a compound.............................

Great game

I like this style of game, and you make a pretty good work on this so the only think there is to say is good work keep up and make more ;)

biohasard responds:

im on your favorites i feel so happy.

cool game

This is an awesome game! It's kinda hard but I like challenging games like this.

biohasard responds:



No mater how hard I try I can't seem to get the third one...
man what is this anyways a try out for a detective job? xD
Are you L or something trying to get some help xD

heh anyways back to the thinking...

biohasard responds:

i gave you one more hint at the top of the page

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3.64 / 5.00

May 7, 2008
3:35 PM EDT