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18 Wheeler

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The objective of the game is to park the truck into designated parking areas before the time runs out. Try to finish the levels as quick as possible to get more points. You lose points when you crash the truck so be very careful.
A strategy I would suggest is to try and time your triving to the traffic. This will save you a bit of time. Also be careful when you are carrying the containers, sometimes its ok to turn a bit wide. Good Luck.
Move Up, Down, Left, Right Up, Down, Left, Right arrow keys Brake Space Bar

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yay for this

i love it,
i jjust dislike the driving system... its kinda hard to rotate the wheels to an exact placewith arrow keys lol... tap the key sometimes it'll go further.....

i thought i'd get stuck at the S-bend level...
well i got stuck at the container parking.. i sux at reversing a truck lol..

What's really pissing me off...

Is when I am in a lone and car rams into the back of me!

Other than that it's pretty good.

love it

i love it its cool and fun

Too simple

Well animated and drawn, but it lacks fun :(

You should make the gameplay more intersting and deeper.

its aight could have used more thought

the thing that i hate about this game is that ... well .. i cant even get passed the first level , i can get to the square but when i park in it , or drive passed it , or press space over it , nothing happens , so i fooled around for a little wile , and then gave up ....... so i am sorry for rateing so low