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3D Reversi

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Each Reversi piece has a black side and a white side. On your turn, you place one piece on the board with your color facing up.You must place the piece so that an opponent's piece, or a row of opponent's pieces, is flanked by your pieces. All of the opponent's pieces between your pieces are then turned over to your color.The object of the game is to own more pieces than your opponent when the game is over. The game is over when neither player has a move.Left Click on the board to place your Reversi piece.

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Good puzzle game. Would rate higher if you had opponents to defeat, each more difficult than the last. Loving the 3D look.

spam, spam, spam, humbug

a tilted perspective does NOT take a board game into the 3rd dimension. Spawning pop-up pages after winning is either very evil, or a very evil glitch. Old game (with poorly implemented flipping rules), old AI, nothing new here but fancy graphics.

theiw angle.....

.....it made my eyes hurt after a few minutes. maybe remake it so the view is from above, and there is an animation when the tiles flip.

Okay, but..

The graphics are really nice, but the game doenst work perfectly yet. My game ended in a stalemate, but the game never ended. Time stopped, but no one moved and there was no game over screen.

Not particularly interesting

I was hoping for something a little more interesting like a true 3D board game, instead of the standard 2D board rendered in 3D.

Doesn't quite follow true reversi rules. Only opposing pieces in a straight line between the newly placed piece and anchoring pieces should be flipped. You're flipping even more pieces than that.