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iCare CureBear

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***Attention*** This game is intended for children around the ages of 5-12 as you'll see when continuing to read about the game itself. Please remember this before choosing to judge/review it.

This was a product I created for a business class I was taking. We were to create a product (any type of product) for Dell Children's Hospital's recover center. I was working on this for almost the entire semester and with my team we won the business fair.

The product is called CureBear and a child is given a physical teddy bear that has a code on it and they can go to the website we created and register their bear. This account they create stores what illness the child has, their age and where they are from. Then the child can log on and learn easy to understand facts about their illness and also they can play CureBear Online.

CureBear Online allows the child to customize their bears appearance, clothes, color and much more. They then can play games to get Bear Bucks and then go to the Bear Shop to unlock more items for their room. They can also choose to View Other Bears and see what other registered children have the same illness as them and other illnesses so they don't feel so alone.

This product is a small scale version of what we could do with this idea. I hope that you enjoy it, it took a while to create and I learned alot from it. Keep in mind its for children.

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This game is so cute! The story behind it makes it even better.

Very sweet

So far looks very promising and I would be recommending this to any child.


This is a great set of games that will help a lot of kids forget that they're sick.

Keep up the good work!

I created an account just to rate this game!

I kid you not, I created a login just to rate this game high, I was that inspired by it. This was more fun than a lot of games I've wasted time on. Add to it the integration with helping sick kids and WOW! Great job!

Very Helpful

The main reason why I voted a 5 on this is because it is for a good cause. To me, this shows that people have heart for the decapacitated,Mentally Disabbled & boys 7 girls with other permanent or temporary sicknesses.

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4.46 / 5.00

May 6, 2008
9:15 PM EDT