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This is a mash up flash, pretty much. I hope to God that the preloader works properly because I spent almost four friggen hours trying to figure out how to do it. :I

This isn't the huge super awesome effort filled flash that I was raving about on MSN. This is a side project turned major project and the other one is still in "production", though I did put a good amount of effort and time into this one.

I hope everything works properly and I hope you enjoy. :)

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What the hell did I just watched?

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

I have no idea.


* I bet people will flag this as abusive even though there's nothing wrong and I'm offering criticism*

I'm sorry but that was really bad.

I gave you 3 / 10 for effort and the preloader.

First of all, if you're going to make a long list of who made the flash and etc. at the start, at least make it entertaining to look at, or put it at the end. I had to sit through 15 secs of text moving from left to right on a ugly background.

Secondly, rock music and random / experimental flashes DO NOT MIX. The song quality was also horrible, making it even sound worst.

The animations were too random and boring, and just when the animation looked like it was getting good, it ended and you got to another clip of a animation with a deformed human doing some random things.

Just my opinion, don't take it too seriously.

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

Thanks for the detailed review.

Yeah, the sound quality is pretty bad. I've found out how to fix that now, though, and will in my next flash.

And yes, I agree that in this, the animations were pretty random. I'll take this into consideration for next time and try to make it fit to the music better. I think the main problem is that I started this flash as a several music videos and then cut it down.

And with the end of the animation, it's mostly because there's not really anything else to do in the next part of the song. With a few of the little clips, they were longer, but I cut them down to get the best parts together.

I loved yer flash!

The animation was totally fluid. You can tell hard work was put into this. Even the way the credits moved took a lot of effort. This is a flash that reminds me of the beginning years of newgrounds, back when people busted their ass to make a great movie. I hope to see way more from you since you worked so hard on this one. Only one prob with the flick though, and I dunno if someone has pointed this out yet, but at the end you have the song "Not an addict" credited to Jane's Addiction, but the song is actually by a band called K's Choice. Other than that tho, perfect movie and Im givin it a 5! Keep up the groovy work!

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

Thanks. I hoping to finish more flashes, but I keep losing direction :I

And the version of the song that was used was by, I believe, Jane's Addiction.

Good, again.

These weird and random flash's of yours are quite good, keep it up.


I think this is the first time I've heard of anyone else listening to "Johnny" besides me and one friend! I love your choice of music and I suppose the flashes fit with them to a certain extant.

Good job!

InsertFunnyUserName responds:

:D .

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4.04 / 5.00

May 4, 2008
9:31 PM EDT
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