A Thousand Two Frames

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Edit 2: Reviews are always nice, by the way ;) *cough* constructive ones preferred :P

Edit: Mmph... I have 2 choices... have the animation smoother, and the music gets cut off at the end, or let the music continue, but have a laggy animation... I'll take option number 1 for now... Sorry guys :(

Right... Worked on this for a total of 5 days (of which were much spread out over at least 2 months), and most definitely had fun doing it.
Anyways, In response to you guys seemingly liking "A Thousand Frames", I decided "Hey, why not make another one?". Guess where that got me. Introducing A Thousand Two Frames! I could've called it 1002 Frames, as the original was meant to be 1000 Frames, before i found out it was already taken, so I decided to keep to words... for nice consistency.
Anyways, in case some of you cared/noticed (not that you need to), this file is 1.4 MB while the first one is just over 1. Well... the difference is because... well... I added some horrible soundtrack... if you can find it... (Oh no, not in the crossfire... in my opinion, that's a good song). I did it at the end. I had a little poem to record my progress as I did the animation, so I decided to uh... kill your ears. Enjoy!

Some techniques I tried/practiced in this animation:
More motion
Slower disintegration (smoother)
Reverse integration
Giving text in new ways
Things flying around in brown places
Things eating things
Some perspective
Joey (the fish... he makes a short cameo in this one)

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I got a downward facing cross today. 666.

Excellence. Pure Excellence.

I enjoyed this Greatly. I mean, how did you manage to fit so many Techniques, so many Characters, into one flash? It was worth The five days of effort you Put into it. I am seriously glad that You had the Time to Give Newgrounds such a good Flash! It just needs a Little Polishing, Then it will make the top fifty Easily. I aslo Loved your Music Choice, and the Idea of taking simple little stickmen and the like, and turning them into something cool, Something Complex.

Overall : Good Job. Needs A Tad of Polishing Though.

blackcat2000 responds:

*sigh* I'll get the Brasso out...
Well, I'm definitely glad you liked it, and I haven't been on NG much lately. I'ma make more effort to make another flash as the holidays come, and make the flash much more polished ;)
Thanks for the review!

The starting splash is cool.

I feel like the strongest parts of these things - certainly in your case - is when they're bordering more towards pure abstraction.

The blue splash was certainly brilliantly done, and the red bit was cool too.

The scenes with the cavemonster, pooing blob, zombie and fish just didn't seem as strong though.

Unlike the first installment, this wasn't really connected - that had the theme of all the travelling etc. If you followed themes (e.g. dinosaurss, machines or jungle animals), it might seem more like a cohesive whole

Anyways, I'd really suggest you give us more splashes - those seem to be your forte. Maybe turn the animals etc. into more stylised blocks of colour? Maybe spend more time on them and sketch out different ways of drawing them before doing something on the computer?

As is, they bring the animation down.

I didn't enjoy this much, sorry.

blackcat2000 responds:

Mmm... Splashes... Mmm... Water... Mmm...
Block colors? Sure.
A plot to my randomness? Egad! I'll storyboard any future flashes. I'm sure it'll help. I'm drawing things (or was trying to) in (more) detail now, on paper. During classes. That way I'm totally concentrating. I can probably animate a strange monster if I reaaaallly wanted to. Maybe I'll compile some shorts. But connect them in random ways :D
Nah, that'd contradict your suggestion. I'll stick to some sort of theme :D
Thanks for the review!


Was pretty cool, but looked just a little unpolished

Graphically, and this being the main focus of the movie, I found this to be just a little below what it should've been, yes it was quite fun and pretty to look at but there was definite thingsd missing. It just seemed a little rushed. But it still was good.

The music was good, suited the movie nicely. But I did noticed it started looping back a good few seconds before the movie had finished, which looked a bit sloppy.

Overall it was quite good, pretty on the eyes and ears, Great job

=Review Request Club=

blackcat2000 responds:

Unpolished? I'ma have to get a jeweler for my next one.
As for the music, I have no idea what's going on. There seems to be 3 possible outcomes that happen with my music. Sorry if it's a little screwy.
Thanks for the review :D


Lots of good FBF in this, smooth animation, good graphics and lots of different tecyhniques. It's a nice experiment, easy to see you spend a lot of time working on it as well, keep up the good work!


blackcat2000 responds:

Thank yee, good to know ya liked it.
Thanks for the review!

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3.92 / 5.00

May 1, 2008
11:06 PM EDT
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