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evolution of the universe

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A small animation I made in 2 days about the creation of the universe, the earth, and the evolution of animals. It also shows what might happen in the future. I used to make lots of animation but they always got blammed so I normally make games now, but I decided to have another go at an animation. Its not that good and some pictures are a bit bad and don't join together very well but anyway, hope you enjoy it. Its 1,270 frames long and 105.8 seconds. The .swf is also under 1MB, 1,023.21 KB! just 79 bytes more and it would be exaclty 1MB! Anyway, enjoy the (quite bad) animation. I planned it to be alot better thn this but It turned out rather bad.

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cool animation


Around 6.8 billion years ago...

Earth started as a gas floating around... then started a new evolution, Earth turned into asteroids orbiting Sol causing the right temperature, they crashed into each other, creating our elemental planet, Earth...


it was alright, a little fuzzy for my taste. and as for mr./ms. angelly, if you have even read the bible, u would know that it wasnt told that jesus created dinosaurs, in fact, i dont even think they were mentioned, also, u never know for sure whether or not the universe was created by a huge bang, its thats why its called the big bang THEORY. also, this is not the place to bring religious veiws into play, your review is based entirely on your opinion and your position on the matter, not on the flash itself, i hope youll rate fairly in the future. and i love the song choice by the way. just smooth out the animations, work on the transitions, and itl be a little better in my book.


p.s. sorry for the rant


Horrific un-cropped images, at least try to put a little effort before you submit something. Ive looked at some of your submissions and a lot of them are cool, they just have obvious mistakes than can be eassily fixed, and that shows an extreme lack of effort something missing. You really need to edit your stuff before you submit them