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Pico Day Apology

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I never actually created anything "good" for Pico Day. This is basically a short little crappy flash I made, so I could at least stay involved in Pico Day, and so I can say to everyone how DEEPLY sorry I am for not finishing Finale: Pathway Through Newgrounds.

Happy Pico Day, everyone!

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Cant wait

for next year(2010)...most of those i have seen and i cant wait to see there she is in this one

Apology acepted captain. (BIG starwars deja vu.)

well i feel bad for the fact that we did not see your EPIC show this time. but when i saw this i dicided to forgive you this time. but now i can`t wait to see what you come out with on pico day 2009. somehow i can`t find more words to say here. but words is not enoth to describe what i feel. so short verson: feel bad for the fact that you did not make anything this time, thinked over it, dicided to forgive you, be waiting for pico day 2009. but i got to say as finale: now that know what you plan to do it is going to be alot harder to wait for it. i have spoken.

from: hanyou ohime-sama.

U can't kill strawberryclock

Will SBC be in it becacuse as I heard in some clock crew movies, you can't kill Strawberry Clock

swiftstylerX responds:

I can't say anything about SBC.

Funny concept

It's neat that someone made an apology flash for not making a Pico flash also pretty nifty animation and great sound quality for your voice,overall a good apology flash. =P

swiftstylerX responds:

These are the kinds of reviews I like, haha.

I forgive you.

I'm sure when you finish the incredible finale to the Pathway trilogy, it will blow everyone's minds! So, because you said the better the score, the more awesome the movie will be (which doesn't make much sense, but ah well) I shall give you a 10/10. Just remember that you're allowed to take your time =)

...Well, I don't really have much else to say, but I want to make this review a little longer. I'll end with a really stupid joke.

How many monkeys does it take to make a milkshake?
Four to shake the cow and one to milk it.

swiftstylerX responds:

Vanilla milk, amirite?

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2.83 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2008
11:23 PM EDT