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PicoDay Skate Collab!

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Thanks for the frontpage Tom, happy pico day!

SO NEWGROUNDS, who do you think is the best skateboarder? Personally, I thought Nene's nose manual kickflip nose manual was pretty cool.

If you've got a sec, submitting this piece to the SKATING collection would be a kind, thoughtful thing to do. Or, if that doesnt seem thoughtful and kind enough to you, then like, go out and save an orphan!

This was a project I thought might be fun just for a little, solo, pico day short, but then I figured it would be EVEN MORE AWESOME to involve the rest of the SFC (skate flash club), and so I put out the word that we had 10 days until pico day, and we got going.
It was really fun all the way through seeing how people came at it and who they wanted to animate with. We've got a Pico, two DadnMe guys, two tankmen, a Nene, and a Darnell to show off you fine folks tonight.

Animated by such talented professionals as Marcy and Tommy vad Flaaten, Lochie, Mraw, GFD, G-Force, and myself, Moro, we hope you'll be pleased with what we've put together. I know I am.

Musical Stuff

Intro/Menu - Happy Clock, CAG
Feature - Flatbeat, Mr. Oizo

Thanks to Mraw for nailing music, without him we might have something uncool, instead of something.. very cool. Fun fact about mraw, he was the 4th skater to do this massive gap at his local skatepark. Its actually a huge gap and there's a video on youtube of some kid breaking his leg trying it.

Stuff People With Flash Might Care About

There are ten billion frames in this animation. Or close to it, I think its around 3600.
It's 137.6 seconds, not including the EASTER EGG ON THE MENU which is 16 seconds.
There were 281 symbols in this animation, but then I burned some and gave the rest to Marcy, who ate them.

The SFC is a group of flash animators here on newgrounds who all found there way to a thread called "the Skate Flash Club" and now live happily, operating as a collective when producing skate collabs, and not as a collective when making solo projects and asking for tips and help with them. If you are a talented animator who's interested in doing some skate animation, then give us a look.

Everyone who was a part of this collab did a really stellar job, and hopefully we'll organize ourselves to do this again soon enough, because its lots of fun :)


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sk8 life


The guy with the tank was awesome.


way to short not relistic and could be way better

wtf? lol...sk8 or die

haaaa! tony hawk pro skater sound clips...lol

hi, i love sk8

sk8 or die, fuck you crashboy55.
smile please