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Pico: T.A.T.W.

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Author Comments

You guys are idiots, it didn't load past the Tom Fulp background because there was no game. It was a joke. I laugh at the reviewers' insolence. Owned.

A semi-quick game, made just for Pico day.
Pico, Darnell, and Nene are looking to seek out Wade Fulp. Wade has abandoned Newgrounds with the "Newgrounds Rebels", resistance fighters against Newgrounds. Play as one of the three to find Wade, and a horrible secret that has cursed Wade.

The controls are as follows:
WASD to Move
F to Shoot
Shift to jump.
P to Pause
Space to shoot/throw your special.
(Arrow keys to select character)

I didn't add any options, just because I wanted to submit this and get it over with.


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Wow... eight years later, and I still got trolled... good song though, at the very least.

Kinda dissappointed

By the looks of the animation and stuff it looked like a pretty decent and cute game but oh well time makes fools of us all haha nice joke.

AIDSMcGuff responds:

Sorry to disappoint, but I like to see people make an ass out of themselves. I'm glad you didn't though.


You know you love my song. =)

AIDSMcGuff responds:

Why else would I pick it? :3

dumb peoples lol

it says gotcha lol what a butch of dummys high five on this

AIDSMcGuff responds:

Boo-yah! High-five. I love you. :D

'Sorry didn't load'lol

Now if it DID load,THERE'S your problem. nice idiot trap man*high fives*

AIDSMcGuff responds:

Haha, I love how smart you are.