Peacefully Pondering Pico

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Update: I got front page... radness. Thanks who ever liked it.

Ok I set out to make a flash in 24 hours. It took me roughly about 30 hours, so if any of you bring that up I'm pretty sure I'm going to tell you to go fuck yourself.

It has been very painful to sit in front of a computer for the majority of 30 hours. I have fucked eyes, a fucked neck. I got the shits with the Flash at one stage and all the caffeine I had in me gave me the shits literally.

Anyway enough of the bitching. Overall i am fairly pleased. If you haven't watched the TV show Dexter you probably will not get this at all... but it should still be enjoyable.

The title of the flash is my own variation on the title of the book that Dexter was based on "Darkly Dreaming Dexter".

There were a couple of things I got some of the NG community to suggest I put in just so I could kind of prove I did it in the time span I say I did it in. Some guy made me put in the line "Hey Victor (something)", so that's in there... and a moose in a spacesuit on a chalkboard was also in there.

Just some housekeeping... if you have watched Dexter then don't start complaining because he doesnt act like Pico does in some situations. Grab your disbelief and go suspend it.

Please for the love of christ newgrounds, at least acknowledge this flash's existence.

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well i did not enjoyed it so, sorry


Fucking awesome. U really studied dexters voice, I could hear the high pitched whispering tone he always uses when hes excited. Also the ''no I didn't (yes I did)'' was awesome. NICE!

Nice one!

Hey man nice animation, I really liked and thanks for using a part of my song too :D

30 hours?!?

Wow, for 30 hours you really pulled it off, kudos.


boring boring nothing in it was like dexter

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4.42 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2008
5:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody