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House of 1000 Cats

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Sup NG, here's my third annual Pico day flash. This year, The heroes of Newgrounds are on a mission to stop some trouble-making cats.

I was very tight on time with this one, so to get it done I got some help from fellow Newgrounders Afro-Ninja and Eronn. Thanks guys, I couldn't have done this without you.

This flash is graphic intensive, so medium or low quality is highly recomended

I would also like to apologize to Tom Fulp for not drawing him with a beard. I started working on this before I realized you were growing a beard, and it would have taken too long to go back and add the beard. I'm very sorry.

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Remember that P-Bot is still in our hearts.

oh, and also at the portal.

Always loved this animation

Love it, I have a special place for cats.... in my dungeon... Hahaha just kidding I still loved the seeing them destroyed. This animation is good.

This still holds up in 2016. There's a reason I favorited this way back when. Great job, man.