Reviews for "House of 1000 Cats"




Seriously one of the best animations that I have ever seen, drama, comedy, and action good job. Good animations to.

Best flash to ever pass judgement on Newgrounds

Wow. This was amazing. I dont know if its possible to describe its epicness in one word so I`ll use two. Awe Some. The music fits, the plotline rules, and the way the people are drawn is just unbelievable! Oh and is it just me or was that Luis who kicked the cat out of his house. Anyway cool video. I`d give it a 6 on the voting bar if there was one. Oh and Targounius, how can you give it a one and not fell ashamed!?

Amazingly nice done!

VERY NICE STORY! :D (will now watch it again) but poor P-bot :< (and maybe poor cat who didnt get to do flash...)


Still one of my favorites :D!