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Darnell - Morning Dipz

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Here's my Picoday submission and my first flash of 2008! Just to clear things up the song used is by cage from his cd movies for the blind. i'd like to point out that Cage isn't african american like our boy Darnell, i only mention this because recently cage has made statements lately where he says he no longer wants to perpetuate black stereotypes or something lmao.

Anyway i worked pretty hard on this, for abut a month and a half, it's only about a minute 30 seconds so those of you with a flavour of ADD or ADHD should be able to enjoy it!

ok, all art and animation was done by me, audio by cage, much love to newgrounds and my fam the clock crew, also much love to my real fam. PEACE.

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darnel killed pico and nene his crazy.he must be on crack.well nice one


i agree with meatshake that was so totally clockwork orange. nice one.


dam you darnel DAM YOU U KILLED PICO

Clockwork Orange reference?

Loved the art style, the animation, the song, all fit together quite well. The one scene where he was in a white purple suit outfit with the black spikes under his eye, was that a reference to the movie, A Clockwork Orange?