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Some pico day thingy

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One of these days if I ever get decent enough I might attempt to make some sort of huge epic cartoon for pico day but I doubt that will be for a good long time.
Until then, I'll continue making tiny nonsensical shorts like this one.
this cartoon features one sound effect made with my mouth. CAN YOU GUESS WHICH ONE? Whoever guesses it first wins jack shit!

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I have to admit I wasn't very impressed. It was just too short. It was mostly just Nene stepping on Pico. I thought that Darnell would come and step on her. The animation is still good. It just had little going on.

It would have worked better as part of a collab. A lot of really short cartoons here are like that. You're still talented. I wish you were back. Heck, I wish most people were back.

Why am I not suprised

I had a strong feeling this would not be a good movie.
And well, it wasn't.
Just two random shorts of Pico and Nene.
You used good animation but please just for onece can you use a story that makes sense?


What just happend i know randomness!!!!


Weird but good, and I bet everyone who says its 0 really fucks up your day. Ya hear that all ya 0 voting fuckers!

Thank you.

A part of my soul just died.

ZekeySpaceyLizard responds:

your named "pimpin" which means you're probably some stupid jock kid who sits around drinking bud light all day and wishing you were black.

fuck off and grow a pair.

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2.89 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2008
5:37 AM EDT

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