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Matrix Pandemonium

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05.01.2008 - Fixed pulsing twins while carrying objects causes dupes to drop, also lowered the octobot's HP. Thanks for your help!

I've decided to upgrade my one year old Matrix Rampage. There are new weapons, two new enemies, a new pulse attack, arcade mode, a freestyle mode, the screen is a bit bigger and better AI. Matrix Rampage was my first Flash game and damn the code was really bad, I had to optimize everything. Also I'm using GameJacket as a preloader so it gives me control of the versions, bad thing is that it has ads :P

NOTE: Pulse attack is ATTACK+PICKUP buttons together. Its defensive, it will weaken you 3 HP, do very little damage to enemies, and make you release your weapon. But on the plus side, it can stun octobots, uncloak twins and make anyone holding a weapon release it for you to steal. If someone is holding a grenade or launcher use it before they throw it at you.

Jump up and down floors of buildings facing off with evil agents, ghostly twins and vicious octo bots. Use everything you can to defeat them from swords, guns to launchers even furniture or the agents themselves! With his new found mysterious pulse attack, it's time to get serious, it's time for pandemonium!

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2020 comes but this game is still good... will miss this when flash dies...

Still fun in 2018!

Matrix is really a movie that hasn't aged and this is probably the best flash game dedicated to it.
The mechanics of this game are amazing and provide a lot of depth to fast paced fighting. The game requires both tactical thinking and fast reflexes. The enemy variety and how they use environment and respond to your attacks is excellent game mechanics and so is the destructible environment - something you won't find in most modern games even. I really like the interactive environment of this game.
The arcade mode is great especially the last boss, it was a challenge and a little Star Wars crossover was very cool to make an ultimate villain. I defeated him on my 20th attempt or so, he was really cool and I liked how part of the challenge was sometimes understanding who is you and who is the boss.
The FreeStyle mode where you can create your own levels with your own preferred environment and enemy variety and density is what makes this game simply perfect.

Even more i played the first game this is better than the 1st.

nice game, i have played this game before
(i'm sure you will become the one)

Played it over and over again a few years ago. Still stands up. It's amazing, and multitudes better than Rampage.