A fairy mood toy

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[edit: well all seems to be working now, i've had to dump the preloader but it should all be ok]
[edit2: added a fix to the horns/halo, you now regrow them when you move from one side of good/evil to the other... this is much better way of dealing with it i should have thought of in the first place but ah well]

A short interaction university project. It's ended up far more a proof of concept toy then any kind of full game as i planed. This is mainly due to the fact that i over stretched my self trying to do a game using this concept in the time i had, even a far simpler game would have been a push.

Look to the bottom if you can't work out what to do

The idea is that the fairy has diffrent modes and those modes effect the world around her. So by changing these modes you can open up diffrent options that could be used in any number of ways in a puzzle adventure game. In this case a very simple puzzle opens up another way to change the mode of the fairy.

Over all the fairy has in this case has up to 36000 ways to combine the states good/evil happy/sad with horns or halo. There is at lest out of those states 15000 unique diffrent combinations but for the most part you won't see them all, it's just neat facts. The set up to get all this working was stupidly complex but also stupidly simple and i'm sure that there are better ways to deal with it then the way i did.

Now, while the idea of the project was to have the user play about with the game and i hope for the most part its set up in a way that a little exploring and playing about will lead you down the right paths its not perfect and there are a few bugs i've not had time to track down so here's everything you need to know

Firstly click the egg twice.
Click the fairy to bring her up to the front to change her mode
Mouse the mouse to the edge of the screen (top/bottom left/right)
Click the fairy again to send her back
Find the 2 pieces of her heart and click on them
Mouse over her heart to give her horns or halo depending on her mode.

Bugs... there's a few i've not had time to track down, in some cases the hair acts wrong and when you've moused over the heart to give her a halo when you change her mode to evil you'll have to mouse over the heart again to see the horns. That shouldn't happen as far as i know but this isn't the most coherent set up ever. I also have a feeling the preloader is broke in that it still works but the bar may not show.

Anyway this is almost as submitted and while this is an all but finished toy (or very minny game) the concept is one i hope to expand on at some point. Anyway i'll shut up now, enjoy

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Very nicely done

I like the animation and sweetness of the game. Also, your choice of music was excellent. Very interesting game, and I do hope you decide to do an entire game on this, it's a great concept, and you carried it out perfectly. I know it seems like a really silly question, but with what program do you make flash videos and games with? And how do you get it? I'm sorry if it seems I'm imposing, but I would really like to create a game, and I can't find any good programs!

pretty nice

it's real creative, i used to draw pictures of devils and angels


its really strange but its cool.
it took awile to figure out everything but its still cool.


Very weird, but cool!

It took a while to figure out your instructions. XD

HotCod32 responds:

In some ways its a very "designer" game thing to do to leave the user to explore the space and such and while it all well and good some times it's just a pain in the ass. If i ever make a full game out of this idea i'll be sure to make it all a lot more clear heh but thanks for the feed back! glad you liked it


Beautiful song, and the game is pretty fun too. But Ican only find one half of the fairy's heart (The one that grows off the house). Where do I find the other?

HotCod32 responds:

on the tree to the left when the fairy is evil :)

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3.91 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2008
5:50 PM EDT
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