the notetaker beta 0.3

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This is to take notes and store it for later. can come in handy. appreciate good scores. I worked hard on it.
ok first of all:
This was a fun experiment i had.
You are able to save the header i checked.
I don't care about word or any typing program, this is for all of you without a typing program.
in The following updated version, it will include:
a separate section for drawing.
you will be able to create separate documents.
Music will be installed so you do not have to sit in your chair and be bored.

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I agree with TheREALZeldamaster. It's really cool, and I added it to favorites so I can just go in and add stuff, but you could do a lot more with it.


Ok and so this, even though innovative, doesn't replace notepad, word, textedit, etc. Even a real spiral would help if you didn't have internet connections. Do more with the program; colors, colored pencils, crayons, etc. Try to top Word and then this submission will be worth a college student's time.


Nothing that is very innovative

I think that from your description of the updated version that might be better but this as it stands now is worthless. I mean even in note pad you can change font and stuff where here there really isnt anything extra. The text doesnt even match up with the lines on the paper. If you add some new options and features like you said, i think it will be much better


I like it! really useful!


haha dude this is tight
i love this,
except instead of typing you should make it so that you can write with your mouse too you know?
well, great stuff
work on it a bit more and it could be amazing as an interactive

check out some of my audio if you want =D ..
peace n greetz,

1.69 / 5.00 (+ 0.045)

jaksmillie1 responds:

thank you.

Credits & Info

2.26 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2008
5:36 PM EDT
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