Avant-garde Film

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Pretty genius, rite?


I liked it.

I actually thought the idea behind this was pretty funny. What would have helped is having a preloader and an applicable thumbnail, or maybe doing something about the 4.7mb file size.

Things like that make it hard to take a flash like this as a good joke instead of a bad joke with good intentions.

I fucking hate the phrase Avant Garde

VespeneGas responds:

Although I believe a preloader would contradict the minimalism, an appropriate thumbnail has been added.

Thank you for your input.

This is just another spam flash...

and yet it still survives the judgment for some idiotic reason. You made no attempt at all to make this good. You just felt like spamming the portal today, am I right? I have no doubt that this review will get blammed, but I can't help but express my disgust of this submission.

If I could give negative points I would give it to this. Go back and actually animate something.

VespeneGas responds:

I can't help but express my disgust at your utter disregard for the fine arts.


Shows no skill

There was no animation, just a creepy drowned Sponge Bob and a song I'm sure was deep lyrically. If you want us to listen to a song, at least give us a few more pictures, and have them transition. That would show more skill.

VespeneGas responds:

But, you see, Spongebob IS the film.

Psh, fuck you fags. My art teacher says I'm the next Marcel Duchamp.

Suck dick.

Pathetic, just pathetic

Come on man! This is really dumb! This is just a black-and-white picture of Spongebob on the mud (is that what it was?) and some music on the background! Were you even TRYING to make it interesting? I don't have any advice for this since this was just stupid and most likely INTENTIONAL.


Well I didn't like the song... but that's my opinion.

Here's some ADVICE:

Try changing the picture
Animate something... anything

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1.97 / 5.00

Apr 28, 2008
4:15 PM EDT
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