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Replica's Story 4

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well here it is the 4th part with a suprise character and more sound effects
I really hope I get a better rating with this one. And if not it just means I have to work harder!!!
the only problemo:
scene select pretty much fucked it all up
i would of had more time but my friend threatned to delete the file if it wasn't on newgrounds in 2 hours
what a dike

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I thought the game was alright. I really enjoyed the battle music, it went with the plot. You shouldnt rush just cuz they threaten you make them better and improve. I REALLY enjoyed this one. 5/5. See ya later you know what I mean. haha

LeoK responds:


omg it was so cool!

scene select was screwed lol, but u told us so that was cool, and its frekin awsome, make more games!!!


Replica's Story 4: 4/10

This game was very simple and not very fun, but I saw a lot of potential. Make sure that you put a lot of more work into each new game that you make, otherwise it would be pointless to make them because they would be the same as all your other games. If you improve with each new game, eventually people will start to like them and you'll get really good. It was weird that right in the middle of the game you ask the people who are playing "How do I make a life bar, someone please tell me!" Don't do that again, it's ridiculous. Also, it would be better if you used your own characters instead of sprites. EVERYONE uses sprites, especially the same old Sonic ones. And if your friend forces you to rush out a game, then get your own computer because it's not worth it with that kind of pressure. Good luck.

below the bar

pretty much it's an old concept with copywritten chars the only originality you could have is extra stuff skills story ect but the skills menu sucked (couldnt seem to go back when selecting magic in chaos mode and didnt want to heal) and pretty much seemed a joke (OMG THE CORNER IS COVERING THIS GUYS HEAD?!?) and the fact that it's one single battle you could have at least given it some kinda atmosphere maybe when going into the "limit break" you could at least leave the game how it is not bring up a big screenshot from a sonic char and kinda make the game seem even more like some crap battle simulator not to mention it's impossible really to lose unless you pay no attention whatsoever even down to going into chaos mode the guys hp reset so the battle befor going chaos was pointless so based on this submission id say maybe take up stamp collecting


Okay, it's pretty well made. But the Shadow sprite got really really annoying!
Great battle music, but battle took waaaaay too long for me.

But, I'm like that.

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3.25 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2008
3:17 PM EDT