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Pong Gets Laid

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Author Comments

The Birth of Video Games: This is a new Flash Series by MAD Productions. Each episode will go threw a different video game, and then a game that spawns from it. Tetris: The Apocalypse is going to be the fourth Installment to the series. Impressed-Arts is DJ Stitched Mouth.

I've been noticing some comments about MUSIC. We were not aiming for music in this video, because we were trying to make it look more like a clasic. After this, once we do the sequels, there WILL be music. And don't get me wrong. It WILL be better.

Do you remember back in the day when people used to play Pong? Did you ever wonder if the block was just a block, or if it lived? What happens when two Pong blocks get it on, and what is their spawn like?

This was an over night project. From 4am to 6am. We got more and more tired as we went, one of us fell asleep, which means, more and more laziness.


If you don't get the ending, the spawn is Adventure, for Atari.

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I like the idea of you trying to give "Pong" a story. It certainly is something unexpected. It probably could have been funnier. I really didn't get it with the whole giant heart thing. I guess it was a metaphor for sex? It just seemed pretty weirdly put together.

Neither of those guys ever got a score. Well, we did see someone score here, lol. It's quite authentic to Pong. I got mostly what I expected. It's basic, but not bad.


that was great for only lik 2hrs of work man

This was great

Truly original.


For me, this wasn't funny, sorry. The video was done very well, and the sounds too. But still, what's so funny about this?


That was so funny! Who would have thought of that, keep it up.

Credits & Info

3.54 / 5.00

Apr 27, 2008
7:02 AM EDT

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