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[Slayer I]: Dark Knight

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The first in the Slayer series, so READ THE DIRECTIONS. I had to cut off 40 pixels of the game off because the NG limit of width is 800.

You are part of an elite team of ancient warriors known as Slayers. Slayers protect the world from all forms of darkness. Unlock the history of a Slayer and destroy the evil entity to be redeemed from unknown damnation.

With 12 spells, custom stats, and custom masteries, do whatever it takes to defeat your sole enemy. The challenge is great, so be prepared.

Author Notes:
As usual with my games, expect some bugs here and there. Feel free to PM me with any bugs / suggestions / comments.

EDIT: Yes, you can beat him. I can beat the game in 24 seconds, so suck it.
EDIT2: Fixed that random "Blinking Damage" glitch.
EDIT3: Stop voting it down because you can't beat the damn game. Yeah, you can't just click a few times and win, this game is actually challenging. (Granted you don't go the cheap build)

I value everyone's criticism. Sorry for being a dick.

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I think it's cool how he can leap through the air in a full suit of armor lol

i can't rate any stars because after the character creation i cant get into the game. could someone help me?

Games Okay I Guess

It would be good if not for the fact the boss can only be beat with a stupid skill that might be a glitch. Every time you revive to continue the battle with the same stats you will grow in strength. After a few times I was doing over 40,000 damage with one normal attack. I suggest that if you want it as hard as it gets don't revive with the same stats.

So easy and boring...

Just don't raise you intellingence but max your strength, health and health regen. Then stick close to the oponent and hit him until he dies.

At least it was short.


oh to all who think it's impossible I BEAT IT how can you think its impossible? it pretty easy if u get the right skills lol but time consuming lol