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A History of Violence

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Author Comments

Okay everyone, this has been a while in the works. I really like comments from my audience.

Whats new in Alpha 1.1:

Prettier Menus
Some sounds (btw, great story, I spend like 6 hours w/ my bro making those noises with all sorts of stuff. We went to the extreme of pots and pans. Crazy)
Cleaner interface
Fixed the bug where you could kick like a superhero and kill everybody really easily
Fixed some other bugs, but I cant remember what they were

Whats new in Alpha 1.2:

THE MENU BUGS ARE FIXED (to the best of my knowledge)

I wanna know what you guys think of the blood splatters on the menus.

There are still a few more bugs in the interface, which I can fix in the morning, but right now I'm going to bed.


wtf man

no loading screen? how the hell an i supposed to estimate the amount of vodka i have to chug to make your games fun if i dont know how slow it is? i have yet to play it but here... i throw ten stars deep into your gentitals.... DEEP!!!!


This could be great, but the hack was the only viable weapon. Stab was waaay too slow, and ranged was slow AND never worked. Somehow only the enemy managed to kill with bows, my arrows were deflected 99% of the time.

Five things that are huge.

It was fun, but:

1) Needs a story.
2) Why, when you have a great big fucking axe, you have to hit the enemy with the HANDLE? Instead of using the type of weapon to designate range, just use image collision.
3) Needs a better stage. For example, in Greece, you could fight against a backdrop of Athens. In Africa, there could be elephants stampeding across the background.
4) The character is constantly looking at the closest enemy, right? It would be a lot less annoying if you face in the direction of the mouse.
5) If you have the time, you also need to make the characters humanoid instead of spheric.

gizzerd91 responds:

In my next release I am fixing all of that stuff, except the making them humanoid. It was a stylistic thing to make them spheric. But the elephants are a good idea, I'll do that. I could also have like boats sailing across the background in athens. In the next release I am going all the way through modern era, and will have a plotline. I think that will be posted on a smaller portal, so it doesnt get "borrowed" by smaller sites prematurely.

Great Idea

Great idea, would be great gameplay. Too glitchy and couldn't beat the second guy, not sure why. Work on the game though and you could have a great game.


Game was super glitchy. I can see how it would be fun, but the work it needs detracted a lot. The weapons interface stuck itself on the screen a lot, the player character doesn't spawn with his weapon out, and if you click at the wrong time, the whole thing will basically freeze and not let you spend your points or click go between rounds.

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Credits & Info

2.91 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2008
9:57 PM EDT
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