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Escape Chestnut Room

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Rupert has gone on a hunting trip with his friends, but they decided that he was too noisy, and they've locked him in the cabin so they can enjoy their day of hunting.
Help Rupert escape from Chestnut room so he can show his friends that he can't be left behind.

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This one really isn't worth the aggravation with the safe puzzle, unless you happen to get an easy one right off the bat. Too irritating having to reset it each time. More clicks than it should be, and much more annoying than it's worth. Very well-constructed otherwise, however. Just perhaps make the safe puzzle a -little- easier? At least make it easier to reset. The inventory system is also irritating, though at least you can put items back whee you got 'em if you need to make room for more (which you invariably will). Having to click the hand to put items back into the inventory isn't as intuitive as being able to just click on the inventory spot where the item was stored to begin with. That's a small issue, though, nothing worth seriously griping about.


Finish it!! :D that was long but cool .I like point and click game. ^^ and the drawing are well done too good job.

cant solve or reset the safe puzzle

great game, i'd like to get further but cant get past the safe puzzle and the only way i've found to reset it is to re-start the entire game

2keys responds:

To reset the puzzle after an incomplete try: go right, then click each of the deer's antlers repeatedly until both antlers are horizontal, then click each one once more so that it springs to vertical.


Another great game!

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3.99 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2008
11:51 PM EDT