Presidential Tomato Toss

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It's my first flash anything. I'm taking classes on game design, so of course it's a little rough; but hey, I'm more a writer and businessman anyway. It's a little buggy, the cursor disappears, but I assure you it's there; just hover over the restart and it will change colors to let you play again!

Enjoy! And please be kind; this is my first attempt, can't stress that enough.


Not bad for your first flash

Not bad at all, I found it funny how you had Ron Paul's head pop up in front of the screen XD


was an awsome game for me who dosent like most politicts! was so funny lol, graphics wherent great, but its ur 1st go so its cool :P it was still awsome


PresidentZen responds:

You honor me sir! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the vote, and the review! I truly appreciate your input!

Are you uhh...

Are you aware that Giuliani isn't a candidate anymore?

PresidentZen responds:

It's the candidates of 2008, now I could be wrong, and he may have dropped out in 2007(that might have been his support), but I do believe he was a candidate at some point this year. All but four of those candidates are no more, and if anything, you should of nailed me on Bill, peeking out from backstage.

When I actually made the game, Nader hadn't even announced his intention, so I got lucky there too.

Thanks for the input!


This is the first politics-themed video game I've liked, probably because it's just for fun, and because it's non-partisan. It's like being able to vote with fruit.

PresidentZen responds:

Thank you! That was my hope! I'm glad that crappy little games like these, can entertain, and to me... That's the point.

Silly little time waster.

I like the other game better, though this was cool too. I got to mess up John Edwards' hair. XD I didn't have any problems with the cursor. Maybe it's just your computer?

PresidentZen responds:

Thanks for playing and reviewing! Good to know the glitch isn't for everyone! also I'm glad you got the John Edwards hair joke! Thanks again!

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4.20 / 5.00

Apr 23, 2008
9:55 PM EDT
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