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Darnell's Rooster Roaster

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Play as Darnell on a bad heroin trip, where he thinks he's surrounded by roosters. Now he must BURN THEM ALL!!!!

Happy Early Pico Day!

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Very addictive!

i couldn't quit it just made me so frustrated but i couldnt let it go. very fun but its only a time killer.

its good

not bad not bad its a good time killer

Tripped out game.

Decent graphics (very nice background though) and the controls we're not that good but overall a decent game but could have used a little more work to it.

Needs MAJOR improvements

First of all, the game spawns a pop-up on start. That's just annoying, fix it.
The graphics and animation were decent but the plot and game was too weird for me...the obstacles need to be better, the background kind of made me dizzy, and it needs to be sort of easier: the timer is way too short and it's not even VISIBLE. Music needs to be added and this should have a better gameplay as well, because it gets boring and repetitve later on.

demoninabottle responds:

The timer is most definetely visible, as the bar that looks like a loading bar that is constantly depleting as it hovers over your head. I didn't add music because it caused a lot of slowdown on my comp when I ran it with music so I took it out. Thank you for the review.

I'm being generous with the star rating.

Seriously. it was not good. I think that the artist was on drugs when he thought of it. Seriously, Tim, lay off the weed for a while. It also affects your art.

And that, kids, is what happens when a pyromaniac who just ate KFC experiments with ecxtacy, weed, heroin, and alcohol.