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Classic: Ufo Attack

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RETROSPECTIV: It have been sometime since I made this game. If I go back to repair it, I think I go back to redesign it also.

It's a classic formula that came just some few years after Pong. I guess it goes under "Nothing new or interesting", but I do hope you enjoy my game. If you enjoy it, you have made my day :)

7 levels and 3 possible endings.

Ufo Attack is based on an older game called City Protector. A sub tittle for this game would be City Protector 3.0.

This is by far the biggest game I have ever made(which is not surprising since it's number 6 in the row).
The game is about 2000-3000 lines long, written in Action Script 3.0.

Music: "Requiem for a dream"(by me: Garageband), "Heroes" (From iMovie library)
Voice: Me
Sounds: Free sound effects from the web, garageband and from iMovie.

Please reports about bugs and typos. And please write more then "I found a flaw."

Enjoy the game!

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its ok...

it could use a bit more effort in the flash but it was great it could have bin a tiny bit better if you are the UFO and man kind is against you so id give this a 7 but good job.


What made the old version of this fun was how the debris coud destroy other ships. Lacking that, I dont find this fun...



stian7 responds:

So your grade is: Nothing new or interesting. I respect that. Thanks for voting man!

need some work but its good

in my opinion it needs more detail and alot more effects if its going to be simple. example: epic explosion when you shoot a ufo with debree and fire, or it could get shot down and fall on another causing combos or an obstacle to dodge. multiple type of weapons: flak ,anti air missles just something to spice it up. and the background could use a little more detail

high marks for 8 bit

that was just funny that you go all 8bit, i still havent been able to beat it but that is exiting that you can have alt endings. still the game play is rather simple, if your plains would stop flying so fast :P

may need a few tricks to liven up the game play.

stian7 responds:

While programming, I'm testing the game pretty much. And without notice it, I get pretty good at it. I'm glad it's a challenge. I were first afraid it was a bit to easy. If you beat level 4 you will get alt. ending 2 and if you take down the boss you get the final ending.

Thanks for the review!

I liked it

Nice game you got here. Simple clean and fun.
Look wise the game was simple, but still fun to look at. Then again, nothing spectacular was needed. The pixel/old school look was a surprise though, a good surprise.

Programming wise the game was awsome. No noticable glithces. I didn't like how there seemed to be an invisible box around the gun though where it looked like the lazer would miss you, but instead hit you. Other than that though, this was very good.

Overall a simple game that's loads of fun. Nice work.

stian7 responds:

I'm very glad to hear so! It's the heat from the laser, that's why you get hit, hehe.

Thanks for the review! It helps me to improve!

Credits & Info

4.53 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2008
5:56 PM EDT