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Shadow Deathmatch

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Author Comments

Hey all - Sarthius here with another episode of Mallcops!
To celebrate the one year anniversary of my cartoon I figured I'd revisit the first episode. So a year ago two of the mallcops had a shadow puppet duel - to the death. This is the re-match.

I had a lot of fun writing and animating this episode, I think you'll enjoy it too. It's got it all - a fat annoying little security guard, unexplainably good shadow puppets, snapping limbs and a Centipede machine. What more could you ask for?

This time around I also got some interesting fiction written around the episode to fill you in on what you might have missed and give a little background on the circumstances of this duel. So when you're done with the show why not check out Capt. Farrell's article back at Mallcops.net? After all he's the Captain; and he says read it or he'll set his Gorillas on you.

So there.


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This is one of the best things you've worked on. I knew you were the same guy who did the point of hot dogs cartoons. You even use the same characters! The voices are quite funny. I noticed that the guy on the right actually uses the same hand movements. The other guy's hand movements match up a lot more.

Yeah, he probably is cheating. He uses two different shadows again with Alex Trebek and the dinosaur. I don't really care. The fat guy is so annoying I want to see him lose. I want to see him get killed.

Good work

This was a nice flash you made,the concept was funny with the two mall cops being bored then thinking of the idea of a shadow puppet duel to the death then seeing all the different shadow puppets they made was a total trip,the animation was great and the voice acting fit very well too,overall i enjoyed this flash you made here very much.

Very Nice

I really liked the quality of the art, but the animation for the short cop wasn't all that great, at least until he broke his arms. The rest of the animation was pretty good, especially in the shadows.
The concept was nice, I thought it was funny how the tall cop's hands stayed almost the same no matter what shadow he made.
The biggest vice problem for me was the voice acting for the shorter cop. I can tell you tried to make him annoying, the problem was you did a really really good job with it.
All in all, very funny animation, thanks for the laughs!


This is tremendously awesome. Great writing, great animation. great humor. Funny story. Loved it all.

Now this is a cartoon!

I loved it!

I loved it all too much!
20/10 if I could
Great animation
Great Voice acting
Great Comedy!
I wanna see more!

An over-looked work of greatness!