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Ganondorf's Kingdom

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Another bonus cartoon, this one follows Ganondorf as he purses his life second goal, owning his own Chicken and Waffles restaurant. Of course some incompetent moblins and a douche bag sorcerer may make his life a living hell.

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Axel's Kingdom

It was hard not knowing if this would be a parody. I mean, I just had the title to go on. There's more parodies here than not. The sprite work was really nice. I feel bad for not being more familiar with Zelda. Uh yeah, look at my avatar.

The voices were great. I especially loved Ganon's idea of the triforce. Waffles are pretty cool. I've never really had them with chicken. Ganon had something going!

heheheh...a bit salad when it should have been chicken though, but meh.

This was soo funny i love seeing random parodys thst have nothing to do with the actual story this was awesomly made and i really appreciate the originality

Vaati: I have, the best, idea for chicken, ever. Just hear me out, chocolate chip chicken...
Ganondorf: What's so special about that?
Vaati: Dark chocolate chips. PURE, EVIL.
Ganondorf: DOUCHE!!!!!!!!!!!