Hamster Ball

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Want some tips or hints on this game contact me please =)


Very good!!

The music was fitting and the hamsters voice was funny. Very entertaining and challenging, good job :D

It needs work

Im sorry but it needs more work...
Im blamming this... real sorry : (

FreeOnlineGames10 responds:

Fuck you it didn't get blammed haha bitch

What were they thinking?

It sounds like a good site for games. And the programming was done nicely. But the creativity and music well overthrows the gameplay. It's boring, the music is boring, and finishing the level just causes the same old logo to fall down, wow.

This won't hold people's attention, but you have the skills to program something mad. Get yourself a creative person on your team.

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I found this to be quite a frustrating game, that really punishes the player for not being able to see beyond the short distance shown on-screen. Unknowns in themself are not a bad thing in a game, but at least early on in the game I feel you need to give the player a break or two - say, overjumping results in you pushed back to where you started, rather than insta-death every single time. The learning curve of this game is vicious to say the least. Perhaps some form of vague mini-map, or at least a better view of the upcoming course at the beginning of each level would help this.
Graphically the game is very cute, and suits the game very well, and the sound fits well too.
It's definitely got potential, but it's been spoiled by... well, to be honest, a feeling that the game hates the player.

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Its okay

But it needs more work. A little more effort and you might get frontpage.

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2.94 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2008
9:45 PM EDT
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