Cemet'ry Gates ch 3&4

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This is the next two chapters of this point and click adventure game. Use your mouse to help the characters move on to the next level.

The full game so far (chapters 1-4) is located at:
http://www.shatteredgames .com/CG1234test/


i guess its ok

but i couldnt get off the first screen. i got the water, made the tree bloom and saw the number 8.
but thats it.

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For those who have not played any of these games before (like myself).. It is a point and click 'escape' type game. Only you arent really trying to escape, and there are no instructions for each chapter. Because you arent exactly trying to escape there is not any logic behind what you have to do.

in the first one you need to water the tree, then turn the kite colors to red, yellow, blue, green.. or whatever sequence of colors comes up when you turn the wheel on the deck. after completeing those two 'tasks' the number 85 should be on the two front doors. Set the hour hand on the clock to 8 and the minute hand to 5.. and you win. See, makes no sence whatsoever.

In the second one you have to collect all of the spiders. Why? I don't know you just do. My suggestion is to just tab through it, it isn't worth the time it takes, because nothing happens when you win.

To the author:

Graphics 5. They were mediocre, not really spooky or fun, or spooky fun.. just kind of there. It would be nice if you had taken more time on them though.

Sound 0. There was no sound. It wouldve been nice if the game had sound. Though if it was as astonishingly average as the graphics I probably couldve done without.

Interactivity 5. It was indeed interactive, but there were no instructions , and nothing to really clue you in as to why you were supposed to be doing what you were doing. Both wouldve been welcome additions to the game.

Fun 0. I only finished the game because I started it, with no purpose behind the actions through a very very short game I became quickly disinterested. Notice a theme here?

Replayability: 10.. If I was getting paid, but I am not so 0. Nothing happened at the end, little happened durring, Having played this I would not be tempted tu play any of the other games in the series, or other games you have made. It is just my opinion, but I think this game has a long way to go before it would be of interest.

Overall score 0. I don't know how this game pulled off the score that it did, or made front page, it is not for me to know. I do think that you could have done much more, especially as alot of the fixes, small though they may be, have to do with the fundamental playability of the game.Who wants to play a short objectiveless game where nothing happens after you finish doing some random things for no particular reason.

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I don't get what to do

It needs instructions.

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Apr 21, 2008
6:06 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click