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NSG014: ASFree

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Author Comments

This is a response to a challenge from Unknown Fury, who said a game without AS cannot be made.

I present to you such a game.

Can you follow the clues and find the hidden spot where you need to click to win the game?

You need to be quick, as there's no stop() commands here! Even the pre-loader is fake! Interaction is brought upon by the buttons and their roll-over/down frames.

You win if you get the 'you win' message AND manage to close the window before the time is up.

P.S. For further thoughts, read this thread:
http://www.newgrounds.com /bbs/topic/896462

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Damn Impressive

I was referenced here by someone who reviewed my fully ActionScripted movie, Jamrock's Lucky Day (ToR). I was told that this was a game made with absolutely no ActionScript, and I must say it's pretty impressive. The thing about it that frustrated me was that there was no in-depth explanation of how it worked, and since you were allowed to use shapes instead of ActionScript, you could have put in a (timed) screen giving a more in-depth explanation of how it worked, or even an animation demonstrating how it was done. From what I can tell it seems like a mouse maze, but you don't have to follow the path...? I got the You Win screen once but still didn't understand it much better afterward.

I shall 5 this to bump the score up, but this could have and should have had much better graphics and a streamed song. You, unlike me, were allowed to draw whatever you wanted and create as many library items as you wished. Take advantage of it!!

Its ok

Hmmm this game was really hard, as i didnt get wnhat i was supposed to be doing at the start, and even when i did things prefectly it told me i lost. The idea behind the game was good, but you didnt show it in a god enough way. It needs work in the gameplay and instruction area. Maybe add levels too.
You need to add audio to it as well, to have something substansial in the background. Apart from that it was alright.

[Review request Club]

Bezman responds:

I thought everyone would work out the game as they went along, but I guess I forget that not everyone thinks exactly like me.

On the last frame of the game, there's a 'secret winning button'. It's invisible.
However, if you follow the trails and clues, you'll be able to find exactly where the button is.

Because of the AS-Free nature, levels aren't an option. Audio is something I should have done though, yeah.


Unfortunately, this game lacks enough appeal for me, considering that it is 3 or 4 levels of relatively simple gameplay. You've given us the path to follow and then the start pattern will not appear for the next level, which I think is fucked up somewhat.

The whole 'secret button to win' is absurd - I get the feeling that it would be more rewarding just to close the window and move on at times.

I'd certainly reccomend that you add an audio track to the game, just to try and keep our interest in it. Some sort of short loop would be sufficient, as this game runs for an indeterminate length of time - alternatively you pick a tune that is exactly the time limit of the game, just shutting off when people lose, for example.

[Review Request Club]

Bezman responds:

Thanks for the review and for clarifying your thoughts via PM.

The 'secret button' is something that should be reached via the paths - which are essentially just clues to help you find it. I guess I could have explained that better.

Audio is a great idea - I missed a trick there, for sure. Audio feedback would definitely help...


Thought I wouldn't say this is without actionsctipt because you use actionscript in the buttons don't you? So yeah, it doesn't seem to be totally without it, though trying to follow a long line that's narrow seems to be pretty hard to do, maybe something a little easier to start and harder as it goes in.

The game itself is pretty intresting, though not really the most exciting game to play, more than just holding and draging to get to somewhere would have been nice, clues to where it is too, like riddles and such. Maybe a little more actionscript would be needed than just buttons but yeah. Also maybe show a timer for it, would help, lol.



= Review Request Club =

Bezman responds:

I already explained this all in the BBS thread that I link to above.

The buttons don't use AS - I just use the different frames to show changing graphics. Seriously, no AS.

You get to see the button fading out as you go over it. Is a timer really needed?

Riddles might be cool, but hard to think of... still, I've got an idea...

Thanks for the review!


This is a very interesting experiment and I think I would enjoy it more if I were more into flash making and action scripting.

What is left now for me with only basic knowledge of flash is a quite entertaining and challengin yet highly repititve game. I don't know if a game any more complex than this one can be created without using AS, but maybe some more levels could be added. Which would be difficult without Action Script, I guess. But maybe you could create a collab of "follow the trail" games that all don't make use of AS.

Maybe you should take out the fake preloader, as there's really no need to let people wait that long until they actually can play this game.

{ Review Request Club }

Bezman responds:

The idea's so simple that it really doesn't merit a collab. I might make more levels like you suggest though.

Without the fake pre-loader, folk on really slow connections might notice a problem when the game starts. Also, I wanted folk to be able to settle in their seat. I guess if I had some graphical info there, maybe the preloader wouldn't have started boring you?

Anyways, glad you liked it and thanks for the review!

Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2008
3:38 PM EDT