IGOR: The Unhappy Clown

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IGOR moved from his own country to America in search of a better life. Sadly, there weren't any jobs available and he has ended up with the travelling circus. He isn't happy.

This animation was originally produced for a AD&D 'Sixty Second Character Intoduction Animation' brief.
Annoyingly, I missed the deadline...



This was very funny. The artwork suited the animation. It wasn't inspired by Borat by any chance was it? Still pretty cool. You should make a prequel to this. Like how Igor started off as a clown and everything.

Hm... interesting...

Uhm... let's start of with the animation. It needs some touching up. You've got the basics, but where the details come in play, it's a bit crummy. Let's take the clown as an example: with my corrupted mind, I kind of mistook his cheeks and his unibrow part as, well. male genitalia. (No offence intended, all my apologies if it did) Although the rest was very well done.

Now, for the story-line part, very awesome. Igor, an out-country circus performer that hates his job... what else do you want to know about clowns? XD The sound was very smoothly integrated, hats off for that. And, lease but not lease the loading screen and the credits were pretty warm for the eyes, so you get points for that. :] (Although I feel I've seen it somewhere before)

Anyways, in the brief description that I gave, I grade this to be 8/10. Keep at it and you'll be getting 10 in no time at all.

Nice artwork

I loved the artwork. Very cartoon like, but it had it's own charm to it. It worked well. Dissapointed in the lack of animation though...very small movements, and most of it was just his mouth movements. But the animation wasn't bad, there just wasn't enough of it.

Try adding more animation to your next movie. With your art skill and will be great.

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3.56 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2008
2:18 PM EDT
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