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Hey everyone. Kwing here. Just wanted to upload the latest and greatest version of my Sony Play Station Portable Role-Playing Game. Scroll the options with the arrow keys/directional keys. This version features tech-y graphics, a larger dynamic text box for you ubers out there, and the Invader Zim theme song. You know the drill:

To download:
-Click the icon to view the file
-Right-click somewhere OFF of the Flash stage
-Select "View Page Info"
-Look under "Media" on the top tab
-Search the list for something marked with type: Embed
-Copy and paste that link into your URL box to see if it's the file you want
-If it's not, look for another one on the list
-If it is, make a link to that URL, then await further instructions
-Right-click on the link you made
-Select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As"
-Save it onto your computer

Onto the PSP:
-Connect your PSP to your computer via USB
-In the folder CONTAINING the folder labeled PSP, create a new folder labeled "Flash"
-Drop the raw SWF file into that folder

To play on the PSP:
-Open your Internet Browser on the far left
-Cancel the internet connection
-Insert in the URL:
NOTE: If you changed the name of the game file, change it on the above URL.

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simple and nice but what does 1337 mean

Kwing responds:

1337 = LEET = Elite

Great PSP

This is great. I don't have a PSP, but I study its capability's. I can't decide whether I like Stick RPG on PSP or this better. For PSP capabilities, this is great.

Kwing responds:

Thanks. This is actually shit compared to my new stuff. Check out my latest PSP RPG. It runs circles around this.

Needs a bit of work...

It's really quite good. I reckon you should do some more work on ot though. If you did, like, give more options and stuff, it would be really great. Good starting point and work on it coz I would love to see an updated one. Cheers.

Kwing responds:

Haha! I have updated this over and over and over. If you want to see the latest version, check out Stick RPG: PSP Adaption! It's much better! You can walk around, gain titles by completing goals, get into bar fights, and shoot lawyers! Also, lots of great graphics and good music! I look forward to your review on that.

good game and all but..........

how do u get more money???

Kwing responds:

Work. Working gets you $5, plus your Intelligence.

It's Alright

Giving Animations for all the action and making it so you ha to like point n' click your way to the gym and then work out or shopping or anything like that would have improved the game. Still it was okay. Kinda dumb that $20 gets you a level up I got to like level 516 of a week of work. Add more stuffs and it might be cooler but for now... ehhh I'm sorry dude that doesn't cut it.

Kwing responds:

Many more features have been added to the latest version, especially 2 new minigames.

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1.98 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2008
1:13 AM EDT
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