Anger pt1

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yea! ( (_______((>


Not bad

But the next installment needs MOAR! XD!

Good work

Wow nice

I gave a "10".... So you could keep it up and imporved more! And I hope your next Anger Pt 2 come out. It will be longer and have more masking =D

poopkicker24 responds:

hey can u please tell me how to put a rewind and fast forward butten

i like

Your motivation and inspiration haha madness is a preety good series to attempt but there is big competition. In the flash there was a mention of a "real story" but i didnt see it or grasp it, and it needs audio work (maybe you can find a somebody to help you out in that department, im sure there are many in NG willing and able). I understand completly that these kind of animations can be tricky and difficult but i respect and admire your attempt.

i know you can get better and make more madness based flashes for my viewing pleasure =]. Keep it up maybe do a spin off series like xionic madness. Like djwill said put your own touch in it and run with it. I'd love to see it.
Wish you the best of luck

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poopkicker24 responds:

thats nice thanks for the review and the real story is that sargent o hien is trying to get his visor back


[Sarcasm] You got your inspiration for Krinkels...are you serious? I would have never guessed! Seeing how it's pretty much his drawings...with your added accessories. [End Sarcasm] Do us a favor and do something original. You have an imagination right? Let us see it please!

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poopkicker24 responds:

dude you make a madness flash see how hard it is prick

The Krinkles inspiration is cool, but...

... wouldn't be more original if you let your inspiration make you create something that showcases your talent? Something that is an extension of your ability.
I do like your work and would like to see more of "you" in it.

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3.40 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2008
9:41 PM EDT
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