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My Super Sweet 16

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NOTICE - Alright I had some syncing problems but I managed to get help from Randy Solem. He told me to do several things and I have so HOPEFULLY that will have cleared up the problem. Sorry for the resubmission.

Voiced by Rory Steele, Animated by Hamish Steele and written/developed by both.

Based on the almost unwatchable and yet compelling documentary into the devolution of our society that is MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen.

You can see all my comics and musings at my blog, www.moon-town.co.uk and can also join the forum to see about up coming comedy projects (that's what it is... a comedy community...)

Anyway, my first PROPER full animation so be nice. The actual animation is meant to be basic... sort of meant to look like the idents on the MTV channels in the UK (don't know about US)... and the comedy is the important thing.


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Oh those Wacky rich people! :P

I found this rather humorous. Poking fun of snooty rich kids never gets old and should always be encouraged - well if you ask me that is. :P

Strangely enough, it appears that the sound sync problem actually added to the overall feel of the movie in a strange sort of way - it reminded me of those badly dubbed martial arts movies of the 60's and 70's. That combined with the high degree of tweening - It reflected the subject matter quite nicely indeed.

Either way - sound sync problem or not, your heart was in the right place. Good job. :3

Has Potential

If you can clear up your audio sync issues and remove some of the long pauses then I think could be a really great animation. Don't give up on it.


Well, it's off to a good start. Despite the weird style and the voice this is a pretty good movie. And the cat at the end of the movie would've made a perfect place to hide an easter egg.


The dialogue was so off sync though, if it wasn't this would be capable of winning awards - it might be now!

Spune responds:

Then I really need help. I've mentioned what my problem is in the first post and I don't know what is going wrong. It is completly synced up perfectly on my computer but when I upload it the frame rate goes down so much that the audio is off sync. Am I exporting it correctly or anything?


pretty good animation i liked it but it was kinda off with the sync anyways yeah i liked it but kinda boring

Credits & Info

4.45 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2008
2:49 PM EDT