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Tired of critisism? Try the Auto Flatter!

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Funny idea, but...

This type of joke doesn't work as a stand-alone Flash. It's something that would be joked about in a longer cartoon.

Onto Flash work, I didn't like the fact that you used dynamic text. It made the text selectable (annoying), it gives the text a choppy look, and makes certain sentences cut off where your text box cut off. Even if you didn't switch to static text, you can make dynamic text non-selectable in the properties, and you can either extend the box horizontally or change its mode to "multiline" to solve the cut-off problem. If you're programming the sentences in with the flattery as a variable, "\n" creates a line break.

Aside from the text, the looping is a big problem; it not only makes the background music overlap, but it makes you as an author look either extremely unknowledgable in Flash, or extremely lazy with your Flash.

On a lighter note, I loved the background music.

It sure flattered me!

Well this is simply proof that people don't need that much talent to make a funny flash cartoon, it's very simple, and I have to say, it doesn't take that much effort, but that doesn't matter, it is what it is, funny scrolling text, and it's humorious, lucky for you, there wasn't any typos, or else it would completely ruin it. But good job, simple and funny :P

gbFan23 responds:


this is ok

it can help emo's lol

but im gonna give ya a 10 wat the hec

gbFan23 responds:

you are a good person. lol

keep this around

it would be nice to have this around to send to people in need of yes men but I'm sorry you will probly be blamed to death because it has no blood or sex

gbFan23 responds:

thnx man!

This was needed

So many assholes could use something like this.

So I don't have any submissions. Doesn't change how bad your flash was! (Not you, to everyone.) Show this to UniqueName. Tell him Rocky sent it to him.

gbFan23 responds:

Thanks! Um...why dont YOU just show this to him?

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3.28 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2008
4:43 PM EDT
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