Fly Fly Butterfly

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This was originally a sympathy card (really? what?) but I just changed a few things. I submitted it for school. Didn't take too long, but I learned some stuff while making it.

Also, when you push the replay button, it goes to the beginning of the actual movie. Not the pre-movie.

I suck. :(



I didnt know you made so many movies since Take and Give. Good job!

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he ate it!!

I expect him to kill the butterfly but to eat it?
nope did not expect that.
and then the butterflys came and ate him.
suck orginality
i loved
keep up the great work!


quality flash like always

Fliter Fliter Flut

Good work. I just wish you kept the words. Despite what you say you did great person i've never met.

KimKilledPacho responds:

I didn't want to post a "sympathy" (hah!) card on newgrounds. That's the only reason. It just wouldn't have made sense and would have probably earned a lower score.
But anyway, thanks random-person-who-just-stumbled-on-th is-flash-by-accident.

great work

For something to do for fun, its a nice little flash. The flow and the animation of the butterflies were very nice. Weird little twist at the end. Very simple. If you had more time I'd just say work on your people animation. Develop your style. The skeleton was more aesthetically pleasing than the guy. I don't mean this as a cut down. It just looks like you had more fun with the skelly part than the person. Good sense of humor. Build on it. And these are all just suggestions to grow on your next endeavor. I enjoyed it. Keep it up.

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KimKilledPacho responds:

Now see? THIS is the kind of review I like to get. I know exactly what you mean and have already taken the steps to improve my style for future projects.
Yes, I loved drawing the skeleton, but I think that's because I had in my mind what he was going to look like from the beginning. I never really knew what I wanted to make the skin-man look like. I just kind of... did it. I do need to think these things out better and have a better plan... maybe even a timeline set up for this kind of thing.
I appreciate this feedback and will keep your comments in mind.
Thanks a lot, man!

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3.66 / 5.00

Apr 16, 2008
4:15 PM EDT